‘ … vividly nightmarish … Greg Bennick is excellent as the hyperkinetic mystery figure Luka. Lynn Cohen is a howl as the salty curmudgeon Babs … plenty of eye candy and sometimes there’s the feeling of Fellini on Dexedrine.’

—Scott Strickland, The Movie Gourmet

‘[A] mindbending, time-wrinkling film … If Primer is a master’s thesis in temporal mechanics and determinism, then 7 Splinters in Time is free jazz, and Judet-Weinshel finds echoes and frequencies in the form and the content … In its culture mash-up, 7 Splinters is not steampunk, it’s steam beat poetry … That sums up Judet-Weinshel’s method: find the most beautiful parts of other jigsaw puzzles, and somehow find the ways to make them fit into something new.’

—Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

‘I saw touches of Eraserhead, Twelve Monkeys, Mad Max, City of Lost Children … ‘

—Robert Emmett, KFJC’s “Thoughtline”

‘This movie knows absolutely what it’s doing … writer/director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel has crafted a thriller with the DNA of several great artists before him … 7 Splinters in Time will unnerve you with a power of its own. It’s as if David Lynch and Terry Gilliam had a love child.’

—Derek McCaw, Fanboy Planet


—Alex Billington, First Showing

‘The look of this film is exceptional … an auspicious venture into the world of SF, and an impressive first feature. The strange cityscapes, with their buildings that look like exploded hypercubes, the lighting and set-ups, the dramatic shots are all impressive …’

—Mark Cole, Rivets on the Poster