—Alex Billington, First Showing

‘This movie knows absolutely what it’s doing … writer/director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel has crafted a thriller with the DNA of several great artists before him … 7 Splinters in Time will unnerve you with a power of its own. It’s as if David Lynch and Terry Gilliam had a love child.’

—Derek McCaw, Fanboy Planet

‘[A] mindbending, time-wrinkling film … If Primer is a master’s thesis in temporal mechanics and determinism, then 7 Splinters in Time is free jazz, and Judet-Weinshel finds echoes and frequencies in the form and the content … In its culture mash-up, 7 Splinters is not steampunk, it’s steam beat poetry … That sums up Judet-Weinshel’s method: find the most beautiful parts of other jigsaw puzzles, and somehow find the ways to make them fit into something new.’

—Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

‘ … vividly nightmarish … Greg Bennick is excellent as the hyperkinetic mystery figure Luka. Lynn Cohen is a howl as the salty curmudgeon Babs … plenty of eye candy and sometimes there’s the feeling of Fellini on Dexedrine.’

—Scott Strickland, The Movie Gourmet

‘The look of this film is exceptional … an auspicious venture into the world of SF, and an impressive first feature. The strange cityscapes, with their buildings that look like exploded hypercubes, the lighting and set-ups, the dramatic shots are all impressive …’

—Mark Cole, Rivets on the Poster

‘I saw touches of Eraserhead, Twelve Monkeys, Mad Max, City of Lost Children … ‘

—Robert Emmett, KFJC’s “Thoughtline”